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Status Update

As you may have noticed, updates from BlueChaos have been nonexistent for a few months. Allow me to clarify something:

We are not dead.

The reason for our silence is a couple reasons:
We recently recruited a new client developer to replace myself for the majority of the coding on Equus Online. This is due to my lack of proper experience, and trying to create an entire MMO with practically zero Unity experience is not a particularly good idea. However, said developer has been under an extremely heavy workload thanks to his job, and this has been unable to put much work towards the game.

Even with our coder temporarily gone, some things have still been getting done behind the scenes. Some new concept art is being drawn occasionally, along with miscellaneous brainstorming. Ripples, because it is independent of Equus Online and lead by other team members, is still making progress. Its engine is still being prepared, and the story is still being planned, so don’t expect anything new from that for a while.

The team has NOT disbanded, we’re NOT dead, the game is NOT cancelled, the issue is that a large percentage of our team members have been under a very heavy workload recently, and we haven’t had the time to work on the game. And all of us remain insane.

When development returns to full speed, we will create a subdomain for Ripples, EO, and any other games we create eventually. Each subdomain will contain its own blog for announcements and progress reports specific to that game, and global announcements will be made here. Frameworks are still being implemented for more admin features, which will allow us to run a more functional and interesting site.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope our development team can pick up as quickly as possible and resume actively working on our games.

Website update

The website has been undergoing some major performance and  SEO tweaks.

Brief changelog:
  • Removed *{} selector from CSS
  • Fixed the humongous logo image (resized it to proper size)
  • Fixed some alt="" attributes for images (SEO)
  • ADDED GZIP COMPRESSION! Went from ~5k bytes to ~2k!
In progress:
  • Add sitemap.xml
  • Add robots.txt
  • SEO polishing

Hope this was informative!

Domain update

Big shoutout to Scott Borg, for kindly donating 10$!

The new domain is coming asap.

UPDATE: The domain is up and running! Thank again Scott!

Blog system partly ready!

The blog system has reached alpha phase.